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Entrance of the Theotokos

As we celebrate the Feast of the Entrance of the Theotokos into the Temple on November 21st, we offer a hymn of praise to her who became a living temple of  God. Our merciful Lord calls each one of  us to also become a living temple of  His glory, and so sets the goal of  this Nativity Advent season which we began on Sunday, November 15 with the Fast.  As the Troparion of  the Feast proclaims, “Today is the prelude of  God’s goodwill.” And indeed, to know that our destiny—body and soul—is to be bearers of  the Holy Trinity is news of  salvation. It is during Matins that we first hear the joyous words of  the Nativity hymns: “Christ is born, glorify Him. Christ is from heaven, receive Him. Christ is on earth, be exalted...” One pastor wrote that “with these words something changes in our life, in the very air we breathe, in the entire mood of  the Church’s life. It is as if we perceive far, far away, the first light of the greatest possible joy—the coming of  God into His world! Thus the Church announces the coming of  Christ, the Incarnation of  God, His entrance into the world for its salvation.” Thus we continue our time of  fasting and preparation in joyous knowledge of  what awaits: the uncontainable God, born in the cave of  the Virgin for the salvation of  mankind. Today the young maidens come forth joyfully, carrying their lamps before the super-sensuous torch, and in a noble manner take her into the Holy of Holies, going before and foretelling the ineffable Ray which shall shine forth from her, lighting in the spirit those who sit in the darkness of folly. —A hymn from Vespers.

(Adapted from St. Seraphim Church, Santa Rosa)

  • Nov 12 2016