The Bells of Holy Trinity Cathedral

The seven bells of Holy Trinity Cathedral are one of our great civic and ecclesiastical treasures. This web page provides information, pictures, and sound on our bells.

Hear the Bells!

Listen to a sample of the "ringing of all the bells" (trezvon) in Microsoft Wave format:

If you can not see the play bar above, try clicking this link to download the wave file to your hard drive.

Articles on the Bells and Bell-Ringing

Photographs of the Bells

graphics/_big.jpg, 2.1K
First view of the Big Bell
251 x 349
graphics/_big2.jpg, 2.1K
Second view of the Big Bell
333 x 252
graphics/_big3.jpg, 2K
Third view of the Big Bell
249 x 347
graphics/_big2med.jpg, 2.6K
A view of the Big Bell and two smaller ones
251 x 350
graphics/_threebells.jpg, 2.6K
Three of the smaller bells
351 x 251
graphics/_vladimir.jpg, 2.1K
Closeup of the St. Vladimir relief on the Big Bell
254 x 354
graphics/_vladimirsmall.jpg, 2K
A view of the St. Vladimir relief with more of the surrounding bell
253 x 354

Links to other web sites about Russian bells