Orthodox Biblical Resources

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Index of Biblical Resources

Bible Translations and Related Texts

  1. WWW Bible Gateway. Provides access to Bible translations in English (RSV,KJV, Darby, YLT), German (Elberfelder), French (LSG), Latin (Vulgate) and Swedish (SV1917). Searchable for passages or words.

  2. Greek New Testament texts. Texts of the Greek New (and Old) testaments.

  3. Latin Vulgate of Jerome (c. 347-420).

  4. CCAT Gopher Archive of Biblical Texts. The King James Version with "Deuterocanonical" books. Also Greek and Hebrew texts.

  5. Douay-Rheims Bible. A Roman Catholic translation of the Bible from the Latin Vulgate in progress. Probably the closest public domain English Bible to the Septuagint, the Old Testament version used by the Orthodox Church.

  6. Hebrew Bible and Rabbinic Works. Supposed to contain the basic works of Jewish scholarship; the Bible, Mishna, Tosefta, and the Babylonian and Jerusalem Talmuds. All in their original Hebrew and Aramaic texts. Hence you need to have Hebrew fonts installed to read them.

Articles on the Bible from an Orthodox Perspective

Linguistics Resources

  1. Morphological Analysis, from the Perseus database.

  2. Greek Grammar on the web

  3. Frequencies of Greek Words, also from the Perseus 2.0 database

  4. Interpreting Ancient Manuscripts Web.The main focus of this web is on the process used to study the ancient manuscripts upon which the New Testament is based. While the language discussed is Greek, almost everything is explained with transliterations into English and, where applicable, translations from standard English Bibles.

  5. Thesaurus Lingua Graecae: The TLG data bank now contains virtually all ancient Greek texts surviving from the period between Homer (8th century B.C.E.) and 600 C.E., plus historiographical, lexicographical, and scholiastic texts deriving from the period between 600 and 1453. To get more information, click here to go to the Thesaurus Gopher.

  6. Hellenistic Greek Linguistics. A page written by James K. Tauber containing info about Reference Grammar Project, Greek-Grammar mailing list, Electronic Archive of papers, Bibliographies, and CCAT 's tagged Greek New Testament

  7. TC: A Journal of Biblical Textual Criticism; check this announcement.

  8. A Glossary of Rhetorical Terms with examples.


  1. The Anchor Bible Dictionary Index: This index to the entries in the ABD was compiled as a component of the catalog of the Research Archives of the Oriental Institute of Chicago. There are 6221 entries in the database. These include entries for each article in the ADB. If an article was devided into sections authored by different persons it is given an entry for each author/subheading. In addition there are entries for headings which simply supply cross-reference(s). The data was processed using Pro-Cite for the Macintosh and using the CuneiformOriental font. The index are available in 3 versions which all are downloadable by ftp from oi.uchicago.edu, directory path: /pub/oi/resarch/. Or try to click on the relevant underlined text below.

    You may want the Ascii version. Nota Bene Ibid users will of course want this version: Nota Bene Ibid version. The Nota Bene version is LHArc self-extracting archives.

    There is also a Macintosh version. You may try to get it directly from here, Macintosh version. This is a Macintosh self expanding archive of the ascii text file. The archive was created with CompactPro. "If you're downloading using Fetch, make sure you've selected the binary option and Compact Pro Archive as the File Type and Creator. If you're not using Fetch, you may have problems trying to download this self extracting archive."

  2. Liddell-Scott-Jones Lexicon of Classical Greek. From the Persues collection of texts and tools.

  3. Liddell & Scott Intermediate Lexicon of Classical Greek. From the Persues collection of texts and tools.

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