His Grace, Bishop JOHN OF SAN FRANCISCO has given us the following news for release.

This fall has taken place the third meeting of the CANONICAL ORTHODOX BISHOPS in this country. The first two meetings took place at the residence of the Greek Archbishop in New York, the third one at the residence of the Syrian Archbishop of Brooklyn, the fourth shall take place early next year at the residence of our Metropolitan in New York. These meetings of the hierarchy are to be a constant instrument of the Orthodox Church in America.

Those participating are the Russian Orthodox Metropolia, the Greek and Syrian archbishoprics, the Serbian, Bulgarian, Romanian and Albanian bishoprics, and the Ukrainian Church under the Ecumenical Patriarch (of Istanbul). No representatives of the Exarchate of the Patriarch of Moscow or of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad take part in these deliberations.

At the last meeting this body of bishops decided that this union will be called THE ORTHODOX CHURCH IN AMERICA.

This united Orthodox body will discuss the current questions arising before the Orthodox Church in America, where the Orthodox cannot remain separated as they face so many dynamic non-Orthodox organizations.

We cannot but recognize the spiritual importance of this beginning of really united work of the Orthodox hierarchs.

The Church Life Bulletin [Holy Trinity Cathedral, San Francisco, CA], December 1960

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