of Most Rev. JOHN,

Archbishop of San Francisco and Western States


My Easter congratulations and greetings of new life and joy to the whole Orthodox family: Brethren, sisters and friends. And should there be any foes, I greet them too: Christ is risen!

Worldly sorrows have now receded. As night vanishes before sunshine, so does a gray day before the resplendent Night, which shines to all times and nations. All our human doubts, all perplexity in the face of life and death, all our vacillations between good and evil, all weakness and sufferings, all our differences of thought and opinion become insignificant on Easter Night. We see Christ's truth and the power of His resurrection. Easter Night has illumined all the days of the World... Every minute of earthly life and each soul have become precious. For all may take part in the Resurrection. A man rejoicing in the Resurrection, brightly meeting life and death in Christ with submission and love of God is immortal in God. Salvation has shone forth for us from the tomb. Christ is with us forever. "And lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen" (Mat. 28,20). And only that is immortal which comes from Him, through Him and to Him. All sinners are saved through this night. All are invited to its feast. The light of eternal truth enters homes and hearts... "Because of the Resurrection let us forgive all things to those who hate us and in this wise exclaim: Christ is risen from the dead, by His death hath He trodden down death and on those in the tombs hath He bestowed life."

And I do not greet only believers but unbelievers as well on Resurrection Day. I also greet those tormented by their unbelief. Brethren, for you too has light shone forth from Christ's tomb! You too are close to the freedom of the children of God. Come, be enlightened by the light of the Easter Night. Verily Christ is risen!

Church Life Bulletin
English pages of the Information bulletin
May 1962
Holy Trinity Orthodox Cathedral, San Francisco, California

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