December 2/14 1867


To Novo-Archangel Spiritual Directorate



I hereby dutifully report to the Spiritual Directorate for its information and consideration, that in San Francisco for several years already there has existed the Russian Slavonian Benevolent Society which I have had the honor of serving as Chairman. Now, this Society (...) and merged with the Greek-Russian Slavonian Orthodox Eastern Church and Benevolent Society, and its membership is significant. This Society through me (...) into correspondence with the Russian Government and the Most-Holy Synod regarding the construction of a temple, etc.

The Society asked me to inform the Spiritual Directorate regarding all this, especially because, it seems, another society has the intention to form, also using the name Russian Slavonian Benevolent Society. Our Society has no relations whatsoever either with that society or with the church under the directorship of Mr. Honcharenko. The signature of the Chairman and the Russian Consul will serve as proof of the true Society. If the Spiritual Directorate will be in the position of helping the Society, it is to be done through the Russian Consul, who at the same time is the Society's Chairman.

Time (...) does not allow to enter into details. However, in due time the Society will have the honor of forwarding to the Spiritual Directorate its Statutes and directives from the Russian Governing Most-Holy Synod.


Consul M. Klinkovstrem, Chairman