From the first report of Father Nicholas Kovrigin in San Francisco to Bishop Paul

(Fragments of the original Russian text which is in a very poor condition and mostly illegible)

...there are about 514 people here, and the Slavs who were baptized into Catholicism are as many as 26 thousand...

The Jesuit monastery and cathedral are huge, there are about 10 thousand monks of this order here; they own gold mines and live not in accordance with the commandments of J. Christ, but in the name of money; they are not followers of the Pope for almost all of them were expelled from Europe; they are his hardened enemies. From Nanimo we had a fellow traveler on ship, a British Bishop of the methodist church, Mr. Evans, DD.., Doctor of Divinity and law; he was very interested in our Church and constantly interviewed me about everything.... Asked me when I will write to your Grace to give you his...

...About the presbyter Agapius Honcharenko. When I arrived to S.-Francisco, Mister Consul warned me to not allow myself to receive him and not to talk to him. In the evening, ... a man of small stature with a black beard came to my apartment and ordered me to give him vestments and the antimension, and [to cease?] a campaign to establish a newspaper. As I was already warned, I told him that I could not have anything to do with him and asked him to leave me alone. He left my apartment very angrily, and then began to curse all around the city. He is a former monk and married to an Italian woman. The Slavs cannot stand him.

I wish you to rejoice in Christ and ask for your hierarchical prayers for myself and for our brothers-Slavs.

I remain Priest Nicholas Kovrigin