Letter of Prince D. Maksutov to Bishop Paul of Kamchatka

San Francisco

24 August 68

Your Grace,

I am writing to you these several lines in order to affirm the truly pleasant reports that the affairs of the local Slavonic society move forward successfully, and our fellow believers here remain satisfied with the conduct of Father Nicholas.

Last Sunday, I was at the liturgy. The church facilities are very small but arranged decently and it was clean inside. The priest’s house in which the church is also located is located very conveniently and has enough rooms for a big family.

Yesterday, at the society’s meeting, it was resolved to ask you to release Father Nicholas to us. On the same subject, the society also petitions our Envoy in Washington.

Yesterday we learned about the return of the steamer "Alexander" to Sitka <. . . >

I am leaving San Francisco day after tomorrow and expect to be in Saint Petersburg in about a month and a half. I would be glad to receive a message from your Grace there. A letter addressed to the chancery of the Navel Ministry would always find me.

I ask your Grace to accept the attached little <. . .> pipe in memory of our wondering from island to island.

Wishing good health and happiness to your Grace, I ask your blessing and prayers for

your obedient servant

D. Maksutov

[Prince Dimitry Petrovich Maksutov, the Captain of the 1st rank, the acting director of the Russian American Company.]