Ministry of the Orthodox Confession

Business Department of the Most-Holy Synod

Section 1, desk 2


19th day of November of 1868.

No. 12,725

To the Very Reverend Missionary Nicholas Kovrigin,

Priest of the Orthodox church which is being built

in San Francisco, State of California

In accordance with report No. 173, issued on August 21 of this year, based on the decision of the Most-Holy Synod and approved by His Majesty on September 20 of the same year, it is decreed to provide your Very Reverence with an annual salary of 1000 rubles and your assistants with 250 rubles each for the next 2 years, until a staff of Orthodox clergy in our formal North-American colonies is established.

In fulfillment of this, the Business Department of the Most-Holy Synod forwards with this a bank check issued for three month salary in the name of Bering Bros. & Co. in London, in the sum of Fifty Three Sterling Pounds, Eighteen Shillings, Two Pence, which according to the exchange rate of 37 pence for a ruble, equals in silver Three hundred forty nine rubles and sixty eight kopecks. This sum constitutes the salary from September 20 of this year through January 1, 1869, of which to Your Reverence belongs 280 rubles 55 kopecks and to your assistant 69 rubles and 13 kopecks. Please report the receiving of this money.


Department Chief - V. Mankovsky

Received in San Francisco on January 8/20, 1869.