The Alaska Trade.

We see it asserted by an intelligent and well-informed contemporary, the Alaska Herald, that our commerce with that latest annexation is becoming less every year, and that this is the result of mismanagement on the part of merchants and speculators who are ignorant of the country and its resources. The Herald says: "Many merchants, capitalists and traders assert that they have lost heavily in the Alaska trade and that business in that country is no longer profitable. Their complaints have been the result of their own shortsightedness. If we remember the time when the Russian Governor Baranoff was master of the destinies of Alaska, we can satisfy ourselves as to the immense profits realized by Russia from the Alaska fur trade. Then, however, business was conducted with strict regard as is now the case, at the mercy of merciless hordes who care nothing about Alaska, its people, or its permanent trade, providing they can realize fortunes honestly or dishonestly in the twinkling of an eye. This is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth concerning commerce in Alaska."

The San Francisco News Letter, March 18, 1871.