Received 5/17 February 1879



To Clergy of St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

In San Francisco

From the Dean of churches and clergymen of the Alaskan Diocese,

Archpriest Vladimir Vechtomov



On the strength of § 47 of the Instruction to Deans and also § 40 of the same Instruction, the clergy of St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral are directed, since the Confessions Register for 1878 does not exist, to compose, by memory, a list of persons that had Confessions and received Holy Communion in this church. Every clergyman will sign this document. This list should be delivered to the Consistory in order to be attached to the Confessions Register for 1878. At the same time, the cathedral clergy should collect the data on the number of Orthodox in San Francisco. This data should also be delivered to the Consistory.


Dean, Archpriest Vladimir Vechtomov

1879, February 5

No. 7