March 3, 1879 Parish Resolution

The following document was written in English, witnessed and signed by a notary public in San Francisco. The language, misspellings and mistakes are those of the original document.

San Francisco 3 March 1879

We the undersigned Members have made following Resolutions.

1. That only a few members have signed and voted Mr. Franetta to become Church Trustee, we denounce him and proclaim the chair of the Church Trustee vacant and Mr. Franetta is only a member as well as ourselves of the Greek Russian and Slavonian Church.

2. Mr. Franetta has taken the chair of the Church Trustee, and we the undersigned have resolved that it is unlawful and have further resolved not to let him hold any Church office this year or even vote for him.

3. This Church has been made for the mutual benefit of the Greek, Russian and Slavonian nation. We have resolved that the Church Trustee should and must be elected and voted for by at least two thirds of it members and let it be who it will. Mr. Franetta excepted from it for this year.

4. This is made by our free will and we have resolved to make three duplicates and send one to the Russian Consul in this city, second to the Synod in St. Petersburg and the third to keep for our own use.

5. We have resolved to call a Meeting and call all the Members of the Greek, Russian and Slavonian Church, and Russian Consul should be called to preside it he wish.

6. That the result of this meeting should be published in the News Papers. As we all agree to the above resolutions we sign our names as follows.

1 Mitchel A. Raschkovich

2 Drago Abramovich

3 Krsto Ratkovich

4 Andro Abramovich

5 Krsto Crnogorchevich

6 Anto Vukasovich

7 Luka Chepernich

8 Lazar Lalich

9 Ahil Sabljchich

10 Petar Obradovich

11 Bozo Gopchevich

12 Krsto Gopchevich

13 Stefan Militch

14 George Zankovich

15 llia Pernjat

16 Michail Bichit

17 Petar Bosniak

18 llia Cetkovich

19 Luka Kosich

20 George Martinovich

21 Joko Cetkovich

22 Feodor Sherovich

23 Bogdan Ivanishevich

24 lovan Marovich

25 Marko Mitrovich

26 Andrea Popovich

27 Mato Radovich

28 Stefan Chepernich

29 Ljubo Popovich

30 Tomo Penjat

31 Luka Gerich

32 Jovan Abramovich

33 Vaso Chuccovich

34 Samuil Mandich

35 Jovan Mandich

36 Dimitrie Vucasovich

37 Marko Djilovich

38 Jovan Radonjich

39 Jovan Zambelich

40 Alexandar Drobnjak

41 Mihail Rostovich

42 Milan Petrovich

43 llia Vujovich

44 Tripo Seferovich

45 Rade Zembelich

46 Andro Tomanovich

47 Drago Somanovich

48 Vaso Setnchich

49 Lazar Zovovich

50 Mato Martinovich

51 Sprirdon Maroda

52 Zanja Hadji Dimitriev

We have held meeting on the third of March and have elected two men for Church Trustees, namely Messers Samuel Martinovich and Bozo Radovich as we have more confidence in them, that in Mr. Franetta.

State of California, City and county of San Francisco.

I hereby certify the foregoing instrument to be a full true and correct copy of an original document this day exhibited to me by Mitchel A. Raschkovich, with this exception however that the last three (3) signatures are not found on said original but are contained on another paper of similar contents.

San Francisco, June 3rd 1879

E. V. Sutter, Notary Public


Ivan Bogdanovich Franetta, b. 1833, Church warden, appointed by the Holy Synod on November 29, 1878, until his resignation on January 23, 1880. Mason. Bishop Nestor in his January 2, 1880 report to Metropolitan Isidor of St. Petersburg, writes regarding Ivan Franetta:

"I asked the church elder, if he belongs to the Society of Masons. He answered, "Yes," but that in this society there is nothing wrong, which would prohibit him from remaining a good Christian at the same time. - The parishioners quieted down about replacing him, and there is no objections anymore." (George Soldatow, The Right Reverend Nestor)