San Francisco, May [20] 1879

Your Eminence, Most Merciful Archpastor and Brother Beloved in Christ,

Right after beginning my administration of the Aleutian diocese I found myself forced to remove Priest Nikolai Kovrigin, who had become known, sadly, all over Russia for his deeds.

Since it would be easier for him to establish himself in the Irkutsk diocese, the place of his birth, after his removal from the Aleutian Diocese I was put into the position of giving him a ticket to go to Irkutsk, to the administration of Your Reverence. I sent his service form and the certificate of priesthood that was taken from him according to paragraph 34 of the Deanery inspection.

I hope, that the Irkutsk Diocese, which for a long time has been close religiously and morally to the diocese entrusted to my administration, and in this case, the person of its representative, will not refuse to come to the assistance of beloved Aleutian Diocese, giving it the possibility to liberate itself from one of its clerics, who is blackening the holy name of orthodoxy in the eyes of heterodox people.

I do not lose hope that under Your experienced leadership, among a lot of people in an Orthodox society, away from the influence of matters of diocese administration, the Lord God will call and put poor Fr. Kovrigin on a better and right road.

Requesting Your Archpastoral prayers I have the honor to be Your Reverence's, Most Merciful Archpastor's, brother in the Lord


Bishop of the Aleutians and Alaska

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