To: The Economy Department

of the Most Holy Synod

From: Nestor, Bishop of the Aleutian Islands and Alaska




As I began administering the Diocese I found it necessary to order the Alaskan Spiritual Consistory to issue allowances to a) the priest Nicholas Kovrigin and his family, $1800 in gold (2337 rubles and 50 kopecks), and b) the widow of the archpriest Kedrolivansky, Alexandra Kedrolivanskaya, with her children, also $1800 in gold (2337 rubles and 50 kopecks), for their return to Russia. Thus, to both of them was issued in total $3600, or 4675 rubles. The money came from the balance of the 1878 budget, from various categories, with the exception of clergy salaries, and the rest was taken from the 6800 ruble fund, designated for the Archpastor for the current year.

I found the departure of the priest Nicholas Kovrigin from San Francisco absolute necessity, and not giving him travel allowance could have given him a reason to remain here.

Regarding the travel allowance for Kedrolivansky’s widow, I had to order it because without this allowance the Alaskan Spiritual Consistory would have been obliged to issue monthly allowances to Kedrolivanskaya for her support and her children, equal to a reader’s salary of $70.00. Therefore, I considered that it would be better to give her this one time allowance that would afford her the opportunity to travel to Russia, thus liberating the Consistory of the necessity of giving her up to $800 annually from the salary budget.

I consider it is my duty to bring this to the attention of the Economy Department of the Most Holy Synod.

No. 39

7/19 June 1879

San Francisco