Office of Triest & Co.

Importers & Jobbers of Hats, Caps

116 & 118 Sansome St.

San Francisco,


February 23d, 1881


To His Excellency Bishop Nestor


Revd. and Dear Sir

I am in receipt of and have read a letter written to your Excellency, and signed Edward Durkin, wherein certain allegations are made, derogatory to the fair dealing of Mr. F. Livingston and myself, in the matter of the recent sale to you, of certain real estate in this city. Said allegations are absolutely and maliciously false and really deserve no serious attention from me at present, further than to slate, out of respect to you and in justice to Mr. Livingston and yourself, that, were such allegations to affect, in the slightest way, the sale of said property, I shall, as well as Mr. Livingston, certainly vindicate ourselves, against the parties concerned, in framing and writing the letter, to the full extent of the law.

As I believe, it is the act of parties, who, being refused payment of a commission, which they had failed to earn, would endeavor to vitiate the sale, by any means in their power. Part of the property, in question, was purchased by me ten years ago of Mr. F. Livingston, for $35,000, as you will see, through the deed & I considered it very reasonable, at that price; so you will readily perceive, the perfect absurdity of the statement, of my having lately offered it, with Mr. F. Livingston's property, (who by the way, has never authorized me to dispose of it), for the sum of $25,000.

I further wish to state, that, but a few years ago I was offered $32,000 for my share of the property only, which offer I refused & if desired are ready to proof.


I thus dismiss the matter from any further attention and remain


Very Respectfully

S. Triest


From The Right Reverend Nestor, Bishop of the Aleutians and Alaska, 1879-1882. Correspondence, reports, diary. Vol. 2. Translated and edited by G. Soldatow, AARDM Press, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1993, pp. 255