St. Petersburg

April 22/May 4, 1881


Your Eminence!


As result of Your letter of March 25/April 6 of this year I consider it a pleasurable duty, for the goal mentioned in it, to send Your Grace the appropriation enclosed herewith in the amount of fifty Pounds Sterling, to the name of Mssrs. Bankers Brothers Bering and Co. in London. Most humbly I ask Your Eminence to accept the deepest assurance of my respect for You and my devotion.


Baron Stiglitz


From The Right Reverend Nestor, Bishop of the Aleutians and Alaska, 1879-1882. Correspondence, reports, diary. Vol. 2. Translated and edited by G. Soldatow, AARDM Press, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1993, pp. 268