To the Most Holy Ruling Synod

From Nestor, Bishop of the Aleutians and Alaska

April 23/May 5, 1881

San Francisco

No. 280


Most humble report


In my report for the past year 1880, in paragraph 3 about the clergy, I wrote about the translation of the four Evangelists and the Acts of the Apostles, into the Aleutian-Lisiev language, which was done by the priest at the Resurrection Church, on the island of Unalaska, Innokentii Shaiashnikov. Now on the last days of April, at the meeting with the head agent of the Alaska Commercial Company, who is going to go to the Island of St. Paul, I found out, that the forms, of the Aleutian alphabet to print the translation are already made and that they came out very clearly, and there is enough money from the voluntary collection that was made among the people on the Islands to do the printing.

For an inspection of the correct composition of the text during the printing from the manuscript, one of the inhabitants of the islands will be looking, who previously recorded this translation from the handwritten to the printing type. Therefore with my personal participation in this interesting matter, I consider that it will be possible to print this edition in San Francisco.

Reporting this to the Most Holy Ruling Synod, I humbly ask for a blessing and permission to start the printing of this book, if there are no visible obstacles from the censorship.


Your Holiness'

Most humble servant

Nestor, Bishop of the Aleutians and Alaska


From The Right Reverend Nestor, Bishop of the Aleutians and Alaska, 1879-1882. Correspondence, reports, diary. Vol. 2. Translated and edited by G. Soldatow, AARDM Press, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1993, pp. 269