To the Most Holy Governing Synod

From Nestor, Bishop of the Aleut Islands and Alaska

June 18/30, 1881

No. 322

Most humble report


I dutifully report to your holiness that because of the purchase by me of a building in San Francisco, donations were received: $1200.00 from the State Councilor Samuel Solomonovich Poliakov, 50.00 Pouns Sterling from Secret Councilor, Baron Alexander Ludwigovich Stiglitz, and $1150.00 from a philanthropist who wishes to remain unknown. In total, $2600.00 was donated to my disposition.

From this sum, I gave $1600.00 to Deacon John Krijanosky for his return travel to Russia, and the remaining $1000.00 were deposited by me as a partial payment for the remodeling of the newly purchased building in accordance with our needs.


Your holiness’ most humble servant,

Nestor, Bishop of the Aleut Islands and Alaska


From The Right Reverend Nestor, vol. 2, Minneapolis, 1993, p. 278