To the Most Holy Governing Synod

From Nestor, Bishop of the Aleut Islands and Alaska

June 18/30, 1881

No. 323

Most humble report


Since June 6/18 the house on Greenwich Street, previously used for the administration and school has been vacant. The school and the administration are now located in our own building on Powell Street. Until the yearly contract expires, that is until November 1st, according to the agreement between the administration and the owner of that house, the administration is obligated to pay rent of $50.00 a month, but if during this time the house would be rented to someone, then this rent would come to the disposition of the administration. The sums that could come to the administration from this source, and also funds remaining from amount that was for the premises of the church, the school and the administration, and finally rent that was paid by the priest, A. Diligenski, for the place in the church house. In total, all together that comprises until the end of this year the sum is about $350.00. That will be used to cover this year’s city taxes that are collected from the owners of immovable property.


Your holiness’

Nestor, Bishop of the Aleut Islands and Alaska


From The Right Reverend Nestor, vol. 2, Minneapolis, 1993, p. 280