To the Most Holy Governing Synod

From Nestor, Bishop of the Aleut Islands and Alaska

June 18/30, 1881

San Francisco

No. 324


Most humble report


After the acquisition of the brick building in San Francisco for the church, bishop’s residence, school and administration, there will accrue yearly expenses that were not planned in the allocations in the budget for the support of the Alaska Diocese. It is not possible to determine these expenses exactly, since the percentage that is collected from the real estate owners by the city and also the prices of all kinds of living expenses, such as gas, water, coal, etc. are subject to constant fluctuations. For example, in 1880 the price for coal rose from $11.00 for a ton to $18.00. This year the expenses are: the city taxes — $700.00, fire insurance — $250.00, water — $156.00, gas — $300.00, coal — $240.00, maintenance of the garden — $70.00, night watch’s salary — $60.00, water-sprinkling of the street — $20.00, building repairs - $400.00. Total: $2,196.00 for the year.

According to the budget of the Aleutian Diocese, 1000.00 rubles allocated for the rent of the bishop’s quarters, 1000.00 rubles for the church, school and administration. Totally, in local currency, it makes $1540.00. Since now this sum has lost its purpose, I humbly ask the Holy Synod permission to use it for a different, new purpose. Allow me to use it to partially cover the expenses listed above. Then, to cover the rest of the expenses, in the sum of $656.00, I ask the Most Holy Synod to send in the future in addition to that which is allocated in budget, 137 Pound Sterling. That would approximately equal, according to the exchange rate, $656.00.


Your holiness’

Nestor, Bishop of the Aleut Islands and Alaska



From The Right Reverend Nestor, vol. 2, Minneapolis, 1993, p. 278