San Francisco Directory, 1881-82 (as of April 1881)


Russian Church.

Place of worship, 1713 Powell. Rev. W. N. Westhomoff, Arch-priest; residence, 720 Filbert street. Rev. J. Herman, Missionary Priest; residence, Commercial Hotel.

Services every Sunday at ten o’clock A.M., and Saturday at six o’clock P.M.

There is a school in connection with the church held every day during the week except Sunday, for the instruction of children in religion and preparing them for the church. [p. 31]



RUSSIAN REPUBLICAN BENEVOLENT SOCIETY (Decembrist). — A secret organization, intended for the propagation of Republican principles among Russians here and in the Russian Empire. It excludes all who favor autocracy or servilely bend to the edicts of the church. Its benevolence is confined exclusively to political refugees. It does not in any way interfere with American politics or the enlightened system of religion prevailing in this country. Head office (undivulged). Branch organized in San Francisco, December 14, 1867.

Agapius Honcharenko, Secretary. Office, Ukraina (Russian settlement); address, Haywards, Alameda County, California. [p. 40]

SERVIAN MONTENEGRIAN BENEVOLENT SOCIETY.— Organized May 2, 1880. Number of members about seventy. Meets first and third Monday evenings of each month at place designated in call. The objects of this society are mutual assistance in case of sickness and to bury its dead.

Officers.— John Abramovich, President; C. Cernogorcevich, Vice-President; T. Sherovitch, Treasurer; A. Vucassovich, Secretary.

SLAVONIAN ILLYRIC MUTUAL BENEVOLENT ASSOCIATION.— Organized November 17, 1857. Incorporated April 1, 1873. Number of members, one hundred and sixty. Meets first Tuesday of each month at 10 California street. The objects of this society are mutual assistance in case of sickness, and to bury its dead.

Officers.— Costo Cernogorcevich, President; F. Antunovich, Vice-President; S. Divisich, Treasurer; J. V. Tadich, Recording Secretary; P. Svetinich, Financial Secretary. [p. 41]


Krijanovsky John, Russo-Greek Church, r. 1713 Powell

Nestor, bishop Russian Orthodox Church, r. 1713 Powell

Westhomoff Wladimir, arch priest Russian Church, r. 1713 Powell [p. 1064]


Herrmann Archimandrite Rev., priest Russian Orthodox Church, r. 1713 Powell [p. 462]

RUSSIA. Vladimir Weletzky, consul, office 39 South Park

Russian Seminary, Johannas, Bishop of Alaska principal. Pierce bet Vallejo and Green [p. 704]