April 1882
No. 80

To His Excellency
Mr. Pobedonostsev, Ober-Procurator of the Most Holy Synod

Your Excellency, Constantine Petrovich, Merciful Lord!-

During the time of my predecessor Most Reverend Bishop Ioann it became a custom during the Divine Service at our church in San Francisco that the names of the "Queen of the Greeks and Her Husband, the Prince of the Slavs - Nikolai of Montenegro, and Milan of Serbia and the President of the United States" are intoned at the Litanies after the All-Russian Royal House, at many-years and at the Great Entrance. This custom is kept until now in consideration, that the parishioners of our church by origin are Greeks or Slavs and all of us live under the protection of the American laws.-

Recently it is seen from the local newspapers, that the Ruler of Serbia has taken the title of a King. But since no official information was received I do not have anything concerning a change in his title. I would like to receive instructions from Your Excellency; How should it be dealt with in this case: to name during the Divine Services the Ruler of Serbia as King, or to leave the previous intonation without change.

Your Excellency's most obedient servant and intercessor to the Lord for your Merciful Lordship

Nestor, Bishop of the Aleutians and Alaska.

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