Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The All-Russian Imperial General Consulate in


August 2/14, 1882

No. 178

To the Alaska Ecclesiastical Administration.

The All-Russian Imperial General Consulate is grieved to inform you about the departure of the Most Reverend Nestor, Bishop of the Aleutians and Alaska, which occurred on July 12, new calendar of this year at 8 o'clock in the morning we most humbly request the Administration to permit the secretary of the All-Russian Imperial General Consulate, Mr. N. N. Grey, together with Archpriest Vladimir Vechtomov, to place seals on the office and other rooms in the church building that were occupied by the Most Reverend Nestor and to inform the General Consulate about the day and hour of the Liturgy and the requiem for the departed Bishop Nestor.

Consul General

A. Olarovsky