Bishop Nestor's Death

Supposed Suicide at Sea - Particulars of His Disappearance

The Alaska Commercial Company's steamer St. Paul, arrived in port yesterday from St. Michael's. From Dr. McIntyre we learn the following particulars of the death of the Right Reverend Bishop Nestor of the Orthodox Russian Church: It is supposed that he committed suicide during a temporary aberration of mind. The steamer left St. Michael's on July 12th, and when about twelve miles from port, the Bishop, who was a passenger for San Francisco, could not be found. An examination of his state room showed hi s articles of wearing apparel to be in such a condition that there could be no doubt that he had jumped overboard, it is supposed from the stern of the vessel. He had been seen on board about ten or fifteen minutes before. The St. Paul immediately put ba ck to St. Michael's, and orders were left with the Alaska Company's agent to use all endeavors to recover the body. The Bishop had not seemed right the day preceding the sailing on the steamer, having made some curious remarks, but no particular notice wa s taken of them. He has been troubled for years with frequent rushing of blood to the head.

Bishop Nestor was fifty-six years of age, and a native of Arkhangelsk, Northern Russia. He was at one time a lieutenant on board a Russian man-of-war. He has been in ministry of the Orthodox Russian Church about twenty years, and was made a Bishop in 18 78. Three years ago he was appointed Bishop of Alaska, and made his headquarters in this city. He was much loved by all who knew him, and it is said that almost the entire amount of his salary was distributed by him among the poor.

At the Russian Church on Powell Street, tomorrow morning, a requiem mass will be begun at ten o'clock and a requiem mass will be sung at about twelve o'clock.

The Evening Bulletin, San Francisco, Monday, August 14, 1882

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