A Murderer From Alaska.

The Alaska Commercial Company’s steamer St. Paul, which arrived on Sunday from Ounalaska, brought, as a prisoner of the United States authorities, Vladimir Naomoff, a half-breed Russian, who is charged with the murder on the last Fourth of July of Laverenti Shapasnikoff at Marsonia, near Belikofsky, one of the Aleutian islands, about 1100 miles north of the town of Sitka. The men had a quarrel, and the accused, while under the influence of liquor, drew out a knife, disemboweling Shapasnikoff, who died within ten minutes after the wound was inflicted. The accused was brought to trial by United States Treasury Agent George Wardman, who has with him the deceased’s dying statement, and who swore out the complaint on which the half-breed’s incarceration was ordered.

The San Francisco Chronicle, Tuesday, August 15, 1882, p. 2