Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The All-Russian Imperial General Consulate in San-Francisco

September 2/14, 1882

No. 217

To the Alaska Ecclesiastical Administration

According to a personal request made by Archpriest V. Vechtomov, the All-Russian General Consulate encloses herewith:

1) A copy of the letter of the Consul General in the name of the General Procurator of the Holy Synod from August 18/30 this year, 1197 and

2) the certified affidavits of the

a) captain of the ship St. Paul, V. C. Erskine,

b) the navigator N. C. Erskine,

c) the steward N. C. Askwith and

g) Doctor L A. Noyes.

I request the Ecclesiastical Administration to inform the General Consulate about the receipt of this package with enclosures.

Consul General

A. Olarovsky