Extensive Improvements Being Made by Bishop Vladimir.

The interior of the Russian Orthodox chapel on Powell street is being enlarged and renovated, under the direction of Bishop Vladimir. The sacred edifice has been newly painted throughout, and will now hold at least one hundred more persons than formerly. The ceiling of the chapel bas also been raised several feet, thereby making the place much more airy than before. The altar has been slightly raised from the floor, and several handsome chandeliers have been added. A new coat of paint has been given the iconostasis, which has also been remodeled. The chapel will be consecrated by next Sunday, if not before, the ceremonies being very imposing. The Bishop is engaged in preparing an answer to the article published in Monday’s edition of a morning contemporary, said to have been prepared by a priest and a singer, to whom the new prelate’s arrival is not exactly a matter for rejoicing.

The Daily Alta California, Thursday, June 14, 1888, p. 2.

Reprinted in Holy Trinity Cathedral LIFE, Vol. 3,. No. 10, June 1996