Received, July 6/18, 1889

1889, May 23rd.

San Francisco.

No. 67.


To the clergy of Nushagak Mission

From Vladimir, Bishop of the Aleut Isles and Alaska


Some time after one o’clock in the morning of May 9/21 of this year of 1889, flames annihilated our cathedral church, and almost the entire bishop’s house burnt down, so we barely saved our lives. Delayed by the obligation to restore the church and the house, I postpone my visit of your Mission until Spring of next year. Report all needs and activities of your Mission directly to me, addressing your reports and letters in my name. Everything that to be done for your church, I will have it done either personally or shall instruct the Consistory for execution of it. Select two healthy and intelligent boys of about 10 years of age and bring them this year to San Francisco for their education in the sciences and ecclesiastical matters in our Seminary; and when they complete their studies they will be good helpers for you.

Invoking upon you and your faithful ones the blessing of God, I remain your well-wisher,

Vladimir, Bishop of the Aleut Isles and Alaska.