Received July 28/August 9, 1889

To the clergy of the Holy Archangel Michael Church in Sitka

From Vladimir, Bishop of the Aleutian Islands and Alaska




The Hegoumen George, assigned to our Cathedral, is being sent by me to the village of Kilisno in the neighberhood of your parish, to supervise the construction of a chapel, in order to conduct services and to convert Indians to the truths of the Orthodox Faith. I request that you immediately send the iconostasis from the demolished Indian chapel, stored at your church, to Kilisno for Fr. Hegoumen, who will be in charge there until October or November. Inform me about this immediately, and let me know if the iconostasis and icons are in proper condition. If it is not in proper condition, then send its exact measurements, and a new iconostasis for Kilisno will be made in accordance with those measurements in San Francisco.

I confirm Mr. Kostromitinov as the church warden for the new parish and call God’s blessing upon his diligent ministry.

I appoint all sacred ministers assigned to our Cathedral to membership in the Alaskan Spiritual Consistory.

Do not complain too much about the hostility of heretics and atheists toward our Church. In consoling His disciples, the Lord said, "The world hated Me even before it hated you… If you were of the world, it would love you…" Serve God so that the truth will be on our side. Then the Church will be strong and the government will protect Her from unjust assaults of Her enemies. All the newspaper rumors that someone set fire to our church in order to kill someone are absolute lies. The fire probably occurred because the student-altar boy lost the iron insert and placed coal directly into the silver censer. After the service he forgot about the coal still in the censer. At about 12 midnight, the thin silver melted and the coal fell though the hole onto the floor and with the help of a draft by 1 o’clock kindled into a fire. There is now peace in our church in San Francisco; Christians have donated almost 700 dollars for the restoration of the church. There will be more donations when the Greeks return from the gold mines. The interior of the church is already being painted with frescos and icons on every wall; we are erecting an iconostasis now, and the entire building of the church and parish house is being adorned with five round cupolas in the Greek style. Everything is being restored to look better than before. In the community, among the clergy, and in the school, friendship and cooperation reign in the spirit of Christ’s love. With the exception of a few Russian nihilists and apostates who haven’t even glanced into the church.

The money, $515.00, has been received and entered into the books, but I ask the clergy to inform me what new houses you have and what the debt is on them: I cannot understand it clearly.

Receipts: Delini, $120; V. Kashevarov, $7, J. Zubov, $16, received by me and entered into the books.


Vladimir, Bishop of the Aleutian Islands and Alaska