Department of Orthodox Confession

Bishop of Orenburg and the Ural

August 28, 1889

No. 6522

City of Orenburg

To His Grace the Right Reverend Vladimir, Bishop of the Aleuts and Alaska


Your Grace, the most Merciful Archpastor,

The deacon of St. Nicholas Church at the Archbishop’s residence in San Francisco, Alaskan Diocese, John Kryuchkov, applied to me with a request to be accepted into the Orenburg Diocese entrusted to me, and to be appointed a priest at the Sign of the Theotokos church, which is shared by Orthodox and Old Believers.

Having expressed the consent to his petition, it is my honorable duty to humbly ask Your Grace to inform me if there are any objections from your side to the transfer of the said deacon Kryuchkov into the diocese entrusted to me. If there are no objections, then can you please order to deliver to the Orenburg Consistory his service record and a statement that he is not being sued or investigated.

With the perfect respect and fraternal in Christ love, I have the honor to remain Your Right Reverence Merciful Archpastor’s

Most humble servant in Christ,


Bishop of Orenburg and the Ural