To the Most Holy Governing Synod

From Vladimir, Bishop of the Aleut Island and Alaska

[October 1889]




I consider it my duty to present to Your Holiness the bills of the American contractors that show the expenditures of the insurance and local funds for the restoration of the bishop’s house and the cathedral church in the city of San Francisco after the fire of May 9 of this year of 1889.

For the carpenter’s work in fixing of the damage, the insurance company issued seven thousand and two hundred (7,200.00) dollars. For this, six thousand seven hundred seventy-one dollars and thirty-two cents ($6,771.32) was spent, as shown on receipt No. 169 of the American contractor Gills. He himself writes: for the repair of the fire damages in the entire building, i.e., for the repair of all wooden and stone damage; for the building of a new roof for the whole building; for the building of the new carved wooden 2-layer iconostasis inside of the church; for the raising above the roof of a stone firewall that goes through the center of the entire bishop’s house; for the construction of the seven towers and cupolas on the top of the building to host the bells; for the new — mostly metal — grating, which goes around the third and 4th floors of the building and around the towers; for the covering with tin of the entire roof of the house; for the covering with tin of the flat base of the roof upon which the towers rest; for the covering with tin of part of the floor in the church; for the covering with tin of all 7 towers and cupolas; for the iron decorations on the pillars and columns of the house and grating, which goes around the towers and 4th and 5th floors of the house. Gills’ bill is under No. 169.

The plumber, Mr. Heine, was paid $244.75 for the repair of the fire damaged parts of water and gas pipes in accordance with his bills Nos. 170 and 171.

Mr. Rosconi was paid five (5) dollars for the removal of the debris after the fire in accordance with his bills Nos. 172 and 173.

The Garrett factory in San Francisco was paid two hundred and nine dollars and fifty cents ($209.50) for the recasting of the bells melted in the fire, in accordance with his bills Nos. 174 and 175.

In total, seven thousand two hundred and twenty-nine dollars and fifty-seven cents was spent for this purpose, with insurance money and additional private means.


Translated from Russian for the Holy Trinity Cathedral LIFE, Vol. 7, No. 2, October 1999.