St. P-burg, 2/14 Oct. ’89



My Lord Bishop!


Under date the 17th, your Eminence has honored me with a communication about misbehavior on the part of my son, William, and, as proof of my good faith and unprejudiced readiness to appreciate complains as well as excuses, the perusal of the inclosure (addressed by me to the said son) and its delivery are most respectfully entrusted to your Eminence.

Meanwhile, it seems to me to be impossible to attempt more than what your Eminence suggests: — a stringent admonition but, simultaneously, may I be forgiven the fear that, undue liberty and too free indulgence with pocket-money, in contradiction of the stipulations of the agreement signed by your Eminence, have led to the alleged misconduct? The context in which it is employed, renders the meaning of the word "dishonest" unintelligible to me?

Of your Eminence’s good-faith, integrity of purpose and kind intentions towards both my boy and me there can be no doubt but, I am hopeful of reconstruction of harmony. He must humbly crave pardon and promise radical reform, coupled with perfect obedience. In addition, I conceive that his lessons bring him in enough for pocket-money and, so long as my jurisdiction is recognized, he should not receive a particle of his salary without my, specially accorded, prier consent: let it rather accumulate.

I have the honor to be

Your Eminence’s most humble obedient servant,

And. Allen

P.S. 3/15 Oct. This morning, to my great surprise, I came into possession of a letter dated the 27th from William in which he informs that he leaves S. F-sco on the 5th for home; consequently, there is no occasion now to send off my letter to him. Your Eminence seems to me to be entitled to my warmest expressions of gratitude for the handsome way in which he has been relieved of his duties and had his passage paid homewards.

A. A.


Editor’s Note: William A. Allen, 19-year-old Englishman from St. Petersburg, came to the United States with Bishop Vladimir on March 2, 1888, and arrived in San Francisco on April 19, 1888. He was contracted to serve as the bishop’s secretary and teacher of English and gymnastics at the Cathedral school.