The Russian Ecclesiastical

Consistory of Alaska.

12 day of December 1889

San Francisco, California.

No. _____

P. O. Box 2070


Here is the subscription list of voluntary donations by the clergy of the Cathedral Church in San Francisco, Alaskan Diocese, for the production of holy icons in memory of the miraculous delivery from mortal danger of the Lord Emperor Alexander III and the royal family, on October, 17, 1888. These holy icons, namely the icons of the Holy Prophet Hosea and of St. Mary Magdalene, will be placed in the sanctuary and in the church in everlasting grateful commemoration,


1. Vladimir [Sokolovsky], Bishop

of the Aleut Islands and Alaska $20.00

2. Kallinikos [Kanellas], Archimandrite $5.00

3. Hegoumen George [Chudnovsky] $10.00

4. Hieromonk Joseph [Levin] $10.00

5. Protodeacon John Sobolev $5.00

6. Hierodeacon Nicholas [Korastin] $3.00

7. Reader Nicholas Greenkevich $2.00