Ex-President Haves declares there is no truth whatever in the statement that he is growing feeble in mind or body.

Senator Sherman is going to build a house on K street, between Thirteenth and Fourteenth, Washington, to cost $60,000.

Miss Hamlin, the California lady who went out to India with Pundita Ramabai, and spent a year there, reached Boston last week on her return.

The Duke of Portland is the champion subscriber to newspapers. He takes all the papers of England, and a heap more from all over creation.

Miss Isabel Hapgood, whose excellent translations of Tolstoi and other Russian novelists have won her well-deserved fame, is a tall, fine-looking woman with gray hair and a winning smile.

Yvette Guilbert, the favorite of Parisian concert-halls, says she would rather earn her $800 and be deluged with bouquets on the stage than be a Queen upon a throne.

John W. Bookwalter of Ohio, the art connoisseur and politician, has spent a great deal of money experimenting in flying-machines. He believes such a machine is among the possibilities.

John London Macadam, the inventor of the road that bears his name, labored for years to perfect his ideas, and although the English Parliament voted him $30,000, it hardly covered his outlay.

The Russian Crown Prince, who is just 22 years old, is a highly educated young man. He is particularly well up in science, and possesses an accurate knowledge of the geography of his native land.

Sir George Stephen is a lucky man, and his peerage greatly pleases Canadians, though he is not Canadian born. He went to Canada when quite young, but began life as a barefooted lad in his birthplace.

Miss Ellen Hartman, the Stockholm actress who eloped with Count von Rozen, is described as the most beautiful woman in Sweden. She is 26 years old and is tall and slender, with blue eyes and golden hair.

Although the Pope is now in his eighty-first year his voice is still strong and clear, and there is no sign of decay in his intellectual faculties. Even his memory, which is usually the first of the faculties to decline, is accurate and tenacious.

Recent threats to assassinate Rev. Dr. Frederick Temple, the Bishop of London, have been considered of sufficient importance to engage the attention of the police. Dr. Temple was head master at Rugby in 1858, but his present income as Bishop is about $50,000 a year.

An Austrian officer who used to see Baron Hirsch at Monte Carlo says that the famous philanthropist would never risk more than a dollar or two at a time. His theory was that one who appreciate the value of money could get just as much excitement by gambling with a 20-franc piece as if he ventured a larger amount.

The [San Francisco] Morning Call, Thursday, June 11, 1891, p.7.