The Russian Ecclesiastical

Consistory of Alaska

_ day of _______ 1891

San Francisco, California

No. ____

P.O. Box, 2070.


To the clergy of N– church

From the Ecclesiastical Consistory of Alaska


The Ecclesiastical Consistory of Alaska considers it its sacred duty to draw attention of the N. clergy to the following events. According to the information received from various parishes of the Alaskan Diocese, ill-intentioned persons disseminate among the clergy and parishioners circular letters allegedly from the "Russian Benevolent Society." In these letters our present head, the Right Reverend Vladyka Vladimir, Bishop of the Aleutian Islands and Alaska, is being falsely accused of being an impostor and of wasting Church money. These circular letters are an invention of evil people who do not belong to our benevolent society, enemies of Church and God. Their goal is to plant weeds in the fields of our Alaskan Church, to plant disrespect towards the bishop’s office, to create divisions between the shepherds and his flock. There is only one "Russian-Slavonian Benevolent Society" here, and it has no idea about these circular letters. The proof of this is attached. Do not believe these counterfeit circular letters: they are fabrications of liars-sons of devil. Do not believe also the gossips of newspapers: they were sent into circulation by the same sons of perdition. Treat all this with a sober reasoning, as expected from the ministers at the altar in our holy mother - Orthodox Church. Be an indefatigable guard of our Church and her children - your flock. By all means protect yourselves and them from the machinations of enemies, whose purpose is to confuse you and your flock by deception, to destroy your temporal wellbeing and eternal salvation. Again, be firm. We shall pray that our Church will be granted from above peace and victory over all enemies, visible and invisible. Be assured that all your church money is safely preserved in that amount which was reported to you by the Ecclesiastical Consistory of Alaska in May of 1891, and that the Right Reverend Vladyka will lawfully direct the Church until he is replaced by another bishop should that be the will of the Holy Synod.

Members of the Consistory:

[Signatures] Kallinik [Kanellas], Archimandrite

Priest N[icholas] Greenkevich

Hieromonk Nicholas [Korastin]


Translated from Russian and published in the Holy Trinity Cathedral LIFE, Vol. 4, No. 7, March 1997.