A Committee Appointed to Defend Him and the Russian Church.


At a meeting of the Greek-Russian-Slavonian Orthodox Eastern Church and Benevolent Society at 10 California street last night there were some vehement speeches and bitter denunciations. The meeting was called to take action in defense of the Graeco-Russian Church and the Bishop. Besides a full attendance of members, there were present Bishop Vladimir and the new Russian Consul General, Vladimir Artsimovich.

It was explained by various speakers that the recent attacks on the church through the courts and the charge of criminal libel against the bishop were the work of a few determined and unscrupulous enemies, known to the society, and that the result of them had been to make the Greek Russian colony appear to the eyes of all San Francisco as barbarous and uncivilized. These enemies were denounced as ³animals² and ³scoundrels.²

A copy of a circular sent to Alaska and signed ³Committee² was produced. It warned Alaskans that their donations to the church had been misappropriated and squandered by Bishop Vladimir, and stated that the bishop had been removed from office by the Holy Synod of Russia. This was denounced by the society as a deliberate and malicious falsehood from beginning to end.

Finally a committee of fifteen was appointed with full power to protect the interests of the church and the reputation of the bishop before the public and in the courts. The resolution calling for the committee recited the facts in the case and expressed entire confidence in the bishop. The action of the society and its stand in support of the bishop will be telegraphed to-day to the Russian Government and the Holy Synod.

San Francisco Chronicle, September 19, 1891, Saturday, p. 2:4

Reprinted in the Holy Trinity Cathedral LIFE, Vol.2, No.1, Sep. 1994.

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