A Committee Appointed to Protect Bishop Vladimir.


The Greek, Russian Slavonian Orthodox Eastern Church and Benevolent Society held a special meeting at 10 California street last evening, President L. C. Jancovich in the chair. By special invitation Bishop Vladimir and Consul- General Vladimir Artsimovich were present.

The object of the meeting was to take action in connection with the many scandals which have been charged lately against the Greco-Russian Church, the members of the society considering that the attacks had been directed against them as a society as well as the Bishop and clergy.

The trend of the remarks made last night was that certain persons, whose identity was known, had undertaken to blacken the Greeks, Russians and Slavonians of this city in the eyes of other nationalities. It was pointed out that a circular had been forged purporting to emanate from the society and had been widely circulated throughout Alaska denouncing Bishop Vladimir, and setting forth that he had misappropriated the funds of the church. The circular further intimated that the Bishop had jurisdiction no longer in Alaska and California, as he had been recalled by the Holy Synod of Russia.

A committee of fifteen was appointed to take such action as it thought best to protect the Bishop and the church, and to expose their enemies. The Russian Government and the Holy Synod of Russia will be informed by cable to-day of the stand taken by the society.

San Francisco Examiner, September 19, 1891, Saturday, p. 5:4

Reprinted in the Holy Trinity Cathedral LIFE, Vol.2, No.1, Sep. 1994.

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