Archimandrite Nicolai Said To Have Been Appointed To The Post.


An Associated Press dispatch dated St. Petersburg, October 3d, and published in the evening papers yesterday was the cause of much rejoicing in the Greek Orthodox Parishioners’ Benevolent Society. The telegram read: "The Holy Synod has appointed Archimandrite Nicolai, now at Tiflis, the Bishop of the Greek Church at San Francisco, Cal., in place of Bishop Vladimir, who has been transferred to a bishopric in Russia."

A committee of the parishioners’ society had advertised a meeting for last night for the avowed purpose of bringing before the Grand Jury certain documents "relative to the mismanagement of the affairs of the Graeco-Russian Church in this city by Vladimir and Alexine." The news of Vladimir’s recall rendered the advertised meeting unnecessary, and the committee held only a short session, B. M. Gopchevich presiding. A motion to have T. H. Augius, M. Dabovich and George E. Dabovich arrested for the libelous expressions at a meeting held on the last Friday night was voted down for the reason that no names were given in connection with the expressions complained of. B. M. Gopchevich in a speech alleged that there never was any charity in the programme of the Russian Church in this city, and that since its foundation certain persons had been allowed to use the church for their own ends. A. Zinger reported that the telegram addressed by the committee to the Holy Synod had been answered, and that the synod had complied with the committee’s request by the appointment of Bishop Nicolai to San Francisco.

Bishop Vladimir said last night that he knew nothing about the telegram ordering his recall, but said he hoped it was true, as he had begged the Holy Synod as long ago as March last to recall him. He feared that the dispatch was untrue, because there was no Archimandrite Nicolai of Tiflis. The only Nicolai he knew of was in Odessa and had a bishopric worth millions, while this bishopric was worth only a few thousands. He declined to discuss church matters expect to say that he was at all times ready for a Grand Jury investigation.

San Francisco Chronicle, Sunday, October 4, 1891, p. 17:5.