Father Nicholas Falls Ill in a Railroad Depot.

Father Nicholas, one of the priests connected with the Graeco-Russian Church, was found in a semi-conscious condition in the street-car railroad depot on Central avenue and California street last night. He was removed to the receiving hospital in the police patrol wagon.

At 6 o’clock he went out to that part of the city and purchased a lot of fruit and sweetmeats. From there he went to the Cliff House and returned about 9 P. M. For a short time he appeared to wander aimlessly about the depot and then sank down on a bench. He appeared to be dazed.

Bishop Vladimir went to the hospital at once. He said that for a week or so Father Nicholas had been ill. He ate some overripe watermelon, which did not agree with him and which resulted in inflammation of the bowels. This ailment produced mental aberration, for he had acted din a peculiar manner many times recently. About midnight the priest recovered so as to be ale to be removed to his home, in the church on Union and Powell streets.

San Francisco Chronicle, Wednesday, October 14, 1891, p. 10:4.