The Imperial Consul of Russia Issues a Circular in His Behalf.

The attempts made to remove Bishop Vladimir from the head of the Greco-Russian orthodox church on this coast and in Alaska and the Aleutian islands seem to have been abortive, notwithstanding the fact that a few weeks ago it was stated by the enemies of the bishop that a cablegram had been received from the Holy Synod at St. Petersburg, ordering the immediate return of Vladimir to that city. Yesterday a circular was issued, signed by the Imperial Russian consul, V. Artsimovich, and all the officers of the benevolent society of the Greco-Russian church, in which it is set forth "that Bishop Vladimir has never been recalled" and is now the head of the diocese; "that the consulate and society have never, in any way or manner, authorized any persons to bring charges against Vladimir, and finally that, at the request of the bishop, the imperial consul gas examined the books of the diocese, finding the same correct and all moneys accounted for and deposited in a secure bank."

The circular is addressed to the Greek orthodox parishioners of Alaska and the Aleutian islands, and is in answer to a circular sent to the North by the bishop’s enemies, urging the members of the church to revolt against Vladimir’s authority.

San Francisco Chronicle, Saturday, October 24, 1891, p. 10.