San Francisco Directory, 1891


Russian Cathedral.

Location, west side of Powell street, near Filbert.

Services every day at 7 a.m.; Sunday at 9 a.m. and 7 p.m.

There is a school in connection with the church, held every day during the week, except Sunday, for the instruction of children in religion and preparing them for the church.

Cathedral of St. Basil the Great (of the established Church of all the Russians).

Cathedral staff, which comprises the Russian Ecclesiastical Consistory of Alaska (organized 1695): Rt. Rev. Vladimir, Bishop of Alaska and the Aleutian Islands (Regular); Very Rev. Father George, Coadjutor (Regular); Very Rev. K. Kapellas, Archimandrite (Regular); Rev. Father Frumenti W. Winters, A.M., M.D. (Secular); Rev. Father Nicholas Greenkevitch (Secular); Rev. Father Nicholai (Regular); Rev. Father Ivan A. Soboleff (Secular). [p. 68]


RUSSIAN O. E. CHURCH BENEVOLENT SOCIETY. – Annual meeting held at 713 Filbert street on the last Thursday of January. [p. 84]

SERVIAN MONTENEGRIAN BENEVOLENT SOCIETY. – Organized May 2, 1880. Meets first and third Wednesday evenings of each month at 10 California street. The objects of this society are mutual assistance in case of sickness and to bury its dead.

Officers – Lazar Jovovich, President; Lazar Lepetich, Vice President; Frank Curtoni, Treasurer; Vladimir Jovovich, Recording Secretary; John P. Angius, Financial Secretary.

SLAVONIC ILLYRIC MUTUAL BENEVOLENT ASSOCIATION. – Organized November 17, 1857. Incorporated April 1, 1873. Number of members, eighty-two. Meets second and fourth Fridays of each month at 320 Post street.

Officers – A. Sorich, President; D. Mengola, Vice-President; M. Franciscovich, Treasurer; P. S. Sambuk, Recording Secretary; P. Svetenich, Financial Secretary. [p. 85]

Chudnowsky Georgi, president Græco-Russian Church, r. 1715 Powell. [p. 360]

Consul Russia, Gustave Niebaum acting consul-general, Nicholas Parfenof secretary, 411 1/2 California, rooms 7-10. [p. 392]

Russel Nicholas, M.D., eye, ear and throat, office Phelan Bldg, rooms 114-116, r. 1529 California. [p. 1195]

Russian Ecclesiastical Consistory of Alaska, Rt. Rev. Vladimir president ex-officio, 713 Filbert. [p. 1196]

Russo-Greek Cathedral, Rt. Rev. Vladimir bishop of Alaska and Aleutian Islands, 1713-1715 Powell. [p. 1196]

Russo-Greek Seminary, Rt. Rev. Vladimir superintendent. 713 Filbert. [p. 1196]

Soboleff Ivan A. Rev., deacon Greco-Russian Cathedral, r. 1820 Dupont. [p. 1279]

Sorich Anton, coffee Saloon, 5 Brook, r. 941 Haight. [p. 1282]

Vladimir Rt. Rev., Bishop Russo-Greek Cathedral. r. 1715 Powell. [p.1381]

Winters Frumenti W., physician, 728 Union. [p. 1445]


Chudnowski George, r. 1715 Powell

Dabovich Sebastian, priest Greco-Russian Church, 1715 Powell, r. 908 Broadway.

Mitropolsky, N., 2024 Powell. [p. 1532]