To His Grace the Right Reverend Nicholas, Bishop of the Aleut Islands and Alaska, our Merciful Archpastor and Father

From the Alaskan Spiritual Consistory


1. We dutifully bring it to Your Grace’s attention that on Monday, June 15/27, the Consistory examined the floor in the church in the presence of a contractor. However, wishing to better comprehend the matter, we weren’t satisfied with that and in a few days another contractor will be invited and then the complete report will be presented to Your Grace.

2. During this week, the Consistory inspected the bell tower and found that the beams, on which the big bell is suspended, bent a lot and appear not to be strong enough. Therefore, we invited a competent specialist to examine the bell tower. The specialist stated that there is a danger of the bell’s falling. He has offered for $40.00 to affix thick metal flat bars under the beams on which the big bell is suspended. These bars will go across the tower and be bolted from outside. This will reinforce the beams and straighten them.

Considering a) that the beams always bend when the bell is rung and thus the danger is growing greater and greater every time; and b) that in case of an earthquake somewhat stronger than usual – and here they happen often – the bell might fall completely accidentally, which would cause incalculable losses (the specialist says that the falling bell will crash through the building all the way to the ground), the Consistory decided to properly strengthen the bell.

3. Your Grace’s letter was received by the Consistory on Wednesday, June 17/29, and the small omophorion is being shipped to Sitka.

4. Considering the approach of July 4 NS, the day when many fires happen, the Consistory has issued a directive that on that day besides the regular attendant there shall be two other attendants constantly on duty, and that for two days preceding July 4 all hoses be examined at least twice a day to see if they are functioning well.

5. Today, the Archimandrite Kallinikos [Kanellas] was informed that he has to leave the Mission as of July 1. He replied that he has nowhere to go. In accordance with Your Grace’s will, we deemed it was better to say nothing in reply: Your Grace has ordered not to drive him out.

Asking for Your Grace’s hierarchical prayers and blessing we remain the lowest servants of Your Grace

Members of the Consistory:

Priest N[icholas] Greenkevich

Hieromonk Nicholas [Korastin]

Protodeacon John Sobolev

Hierodeacon Sebastian [Dabovich]

July 1/June 19 1892

S. -Francisco