Their Gratitude for Our Aid to the Famine Stricken.




The Coming Ordination of the First Greek Priest of American Birth – A New Cathedral in This City.


The Holy Synod of Moscow, in a ukaze to Bishop Nicholas of the Orthodox Eastern church, received yesterday, expressed its deep gratitude to the American people for their liberality towards the starving Russians during the recent famine plague.

The ukaze states that knowing well the love of the American people for the cause of education, the contributions received from the United States were distributed among the starving pupils and teachers in the famine-stricken provinces.

The ukaze closes in the most grateful terms and begs the blessing of the Most High upon the people of the United States for their spontaneous generosity toward Russia in her hour of sore need.

"Let me add my gratitude also," said Bishop Nicholas to a Call reporter, "and my deep thankfulness toward one of the most generous nations on the earth."

Bishop Nicholas was almost carried away by his emotion and showed that his professions were sincere.

During his first ecclesiastical visit to Alaska and the north, from which he returned about a week ago, the Bishop formed a very high opinion of the American people, with whom he was brought into almost constant contact.

Of Alaska the Bishop said it was a country of great possibilities, which the Americans were not slow about developing. Being his first visit he did not feel at liberty to express his opinion regarding its religious and moral condition, furthermore than that he would institute many new schools for the Indian children.

The Russian church is growing at a gratifying rate in this country.

A magnificent temple is to be erected in Chicago and will be opened some time during the World’s Fair. It will be known as St. Vladimir’s.

The Greek Catholic Union Church of Minneapolis, with 500 of its members, has seceded from the Roman Catholic dominion and has been formally received by the Holy Synod into the Greek rite.

In honor of the event a Te Deum will be sung to-day at the cathedral. Another noteworthy event will take place at the Greek church to-day. It will be the ordination of Sebastian Dabovich, now a deacon, to the full dignity of priesthood. The new prelate bears the distinction of being the first American-born citizen who was ever ordained a priest in the world.

As it will be the first ordination made by Bishop Nicholas in his new diocese the ceremony will be of the most impressive and elaborate kind. While Bishop Nicholas denies the report, it is said by his associates that he contemplates the erection of a magnificent cathedral in this city. The plans and designs will be a copy on a smaller scale of the famed St. Sophia, in Moscow. He has other great improvements in view, but at present he does not wish to give them publicity.

The Bishop is a great admirer of the American people, and he states that he has been shown the most delicate courtesies by them.

He is ambitious to cultivate their friendship and hopes that he will do nothing but what will merit their kindly consideration.

The Morning Call, San Francisco, Sunday, August 28, 1892, p. 12:1

Reprinted in the Holy Trinity Cathedral LIFE, Vol. 1, No. 12, August 1994