Russian Consulate

San Francisco


Your Grace and most merciful Archpastor!


Mrs. Greenkevich just now visited the consulate to tell me about the scare which the letter of Dementiev to Your Grace caused her and her husband. She wanted my advice in regard to this gentleman¹s denunciation.


I permitted myself to advise her to pay no attention whatsoever to this clique¹s latest vile chicanery. At the same time, I pacified both her and myself with the hope that Your Grace would attribute no significance to this denunciation.


I would certainly consider it my duty to visit Your Grace in person. But I have made the decision not to do so and confine myself to this letter alone, as I have reason to assume that my activities are being watched. Today Parfenov and later Alexine kept watch by the Consulate all morning, but now they have left and are probably guarding Your house. It seems to me that it would be more prudent politically not to give them a pretext to think that the letter of D. raised an alarm and, thus, give them a reason to triumph.


I humbly thank Your Grace for sending me a newspaper.


I hope that Your Grace¹s illness is over by now and that we will soon have the honor of seeing You at the Club. Both Platten and I are very sorry that You could not attend the Tuesday dinner, especially since You were ill.


Entrusting myself to Your prayers, I have the honor of remaining your devoted servant,


Vl. Artsymovich

[Consul General of Russia]


April 1/13 1893