His Feast Celebrated by a Slavic Banquet.

The Servian Montenegrin Society held its annual banquet last night at the Sparta restaurant. The occasion was also the feast of St. Sava, the patron saint of Servia. Covets were laid for 120 guests. Under the direction of D. Camarinos a menu of tempting viands was prepared.

The banquet-room was very tastefully decorated. At one end of the apartment was a picture of the saint, and also of Bishop Nicholas of the Greek church. The Servian and American flags were draped in graceful folds at the other end.

Toasts were responded to by Michael Chiuda, editor of the Servian paper La Sloevda; L. Jancovich and L. Churich. Natinal songs were sung to the accompaniment of the national musical instruments, the gusle – a sort of one-string fiddle. A string orchestra also discoursed music.

A pleasing feature of the evening was the distribution to each member of a photograph of Bishop Nicholas dressed in his episcopal robes. The Bishop was unable to be present, but sent his regrets and his pictures.

The committee of the arrangements was composed of: Spiro Vucosavlievich, S. Gerunovich and V. Seculovich. The officers of the Society are: V. Vucanovich, president; F. Curtoni, vice-president; S. Jancovich, treasurer; S. Vucosalucevich, recording secretary; V. Seculovich, financial secretary.

The [San Francisco] Morning Call, Saturday, January 27, 1894, p. 7:2.