The Bishop of Alaska Will Probably Get It, Too.

Washington, March 27. – Secretary Carlisle has sent to the House a letter recommending an appropriation of $3325 to reimburse the Bishop of the Greek church in Alaska. This money was voluntarily contributed in 1891 to the church by its members on St. Paul Island, Alaska, and had been placed in the hands of the agent of the North American Commercial Company for transportation to San Francisco, there to be delivered to the Bishop. In view of the fact that the natives of this land were without sufficient means of support, the Treasury Department, on the recommendation of the agent of the island, directed the money should be redistributed to the original donors, and it was expended in furnishing the people necessary supplies. Subsequently a demand was made by the Russian Consistory at San Francisco on the Commercial Company for the money, and this, supplemented by some diplomatic correspondence between the Russian Minister and this Government regarding the matter, resulted in the action above taken.

The [San Francisco] Call, Wednesday, March 28, 1894.

Reprinted in the Holy Trinity Cathedral LIFE, Vol. 1, No. 7, March 1994.