The Archbishop of Zante Passes Away.

He Was Well Known on This Continent and Recently Paid a Visit to This City.


An Athenian paper of late date brings the news of the death of the Most Rev. Diocysius Latas, Archbishop of Zante, whose venerable and picturesque figure was so conspicuous on the streets of San Francisco in the early part of last winter.

Archbishop Latas had the reputation of being and was a most eloquent speaker, and the Athenian journal declares that the Greek church has lost in his death one of its most conspicuous members for ability and eloquence.

The Archbishop had only just reached his diocese after a journey around the world. He was prominent at the Congress of Religions at the Worldıs Fair in Chicago, and had won golden opinions from all the people he met there.

He lectured in San Francisco at the Metropolitan Temple on the influence of Greek literature in preparing the way for Christianity. The cause of his death is said to have been heart disease.


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