He Has More Names Than Falls to the Usual Lot.

Paris, Oct. 24. - The marriage of Miss Susan Tucker Whittier, daughter of General Charles A. Whittier of Boston, to Prince Belloselsky-Belozerski, one of the Czar's aids-de-camp, took place at 2 o'clock this afternoon in the Russian church in the Rue d'Aru.

A second religious ceremony of marriage afterward took place at 3:15 P. M. in the American church on the Avenue d'Alma. Both ceremonies were attended by the elite of the American and Russian colonies.

The American church, as well as the Russian church, were beautifully decorated for the occasion. General Whittier gave the bride away. Prince Orloff was the best man. Among those present were Baron von Mohrenheim, the Russian Embassador, and Hon. James B. Eustis, the American Embassador.

The [San Francisco] Morning Call, Thursday, October 25, 1894, p. 4:4.