5/17 December, 1894

To His Grace the Right Reverend Nicholas

Bishop of the Aleutian Islands and Alaska

The Imperial Consulate, in execution of the directive of the Imperial Mission in Washington, made an announcement in the most-wildly circulated newspapers in California and its neighboring states, that the Russian subjects of the Orthodox confession that reside in California and its neighboring states should come to the Russian church in San Francisco in order of taking an oath of loyalty to His Imperial Majesty the Lord Emperor Nicholas Alexandrovich and the lawful Heir of His Majesty on the All-Russian throne, the Lord Grand Prince George Alexandrovich.

In view of this, the Imperial Consulate has the honor of humbly requesting Your Grace to give a corresponding directions about the administration of the oath for those Russian subjects that may from time to time appeal to the church with the declaration of their wish to take the oath of loyalty.

Vice-Consul Horace Platt