2) On Parish Commemorative Books


The Alaskan Spiritual Consistory, in accordance with the resolution of His Grace the Right Reverend Nicholas, Bishop of the Aleutian Islands and Alaska, by this imposes upon all clergy of the Aleutian Diocese the duty of maintaining their parochial commemorative booklets. In them, should be written first the names of the holy temple’s benefactors, followed by the names of those who distinguished themselves by their labors for the wellbeing of the holy temples or brotherhoods, or corporations: church wardens, trusties and other parishioners. In addition to that – names of male and female teachers of the parochial schools must also be entered in commemorative booklets. If all these people are alive, then it is necessary to lift prayers for their health; if they have already departed to eternity, then pray for their rest. Under the heading For the Departed, the names of all Aleutian archpastors should be entered, beginning with Joasaph Bolotov, and then – the names of the first team of the enlighteners of the Aleuts. After their names – the names of all parish priests, deacons and minor clergymen. Besides saying customary prayers, the specific services, appointed by the Holy Church, should be performed for every newly-departed Archpastor or pastor of the Aleutian diocese, i.e., during 40 days following the repose, half a year after, and one year after. In every parish, a priest should, without waiting for the offerings and invitations of the relatives of the reposed, commemorate the names of the departed servants of God – his spiritual sons and daughters – at Proskomedia all year long, without exception. Upon the Fathers-deans is imposed a duty to monitor the exact observance of these directives, when they inspect their districts.

3) Reception into Service

Hieromonk Sebastian [Dabovich] (Serbian American) who was given a discharge from the Aleutian Diocese for continuation of his education at Belgrade Theological School in Serbia, in according with his petition, is again accepted into a service in the Aleutian Diocese. He is attached to the Cathedral clergy staff as a supernumerary hieromonk with the salary of $50.00 a month. He will teach at the school, serve in turn with other priests at the Cathedral church, and translate, on requests of members of the Consistory, necessary papers from English into Russian and from Russian into English. He will also from time to time travel to Jackson to perform services and rites.

Orthodox American Messenger, No. 5, Dec 27, 1896, p. 143